Last year, my summer was definitely filled with more adventures than this one. One of them was a trip to London by overnight bus to see the Christian Dior's and Mary Quant's exhibitions in the Victoria & Albert Museum. 

Once the lockdown was introduced in the UK (and I was furloughed from work), I started to search for some creative ideas, free tutorials and patterns that would help to utilise all the free time I suddenly had. 

In my searches, I came across this pattern for inspired by Mary Quant's classic A-line dress.

I saw it on the V&A website back when I booked my exhibition tickets, but I just left it probably due to the lack of time - until now.

 Mary Quant A-line dress

I highly recommend that everyone who starts their sewing adventures tries this pattern. There is a step-by-step video available and you can learn some sewing techniques like making a collar or understitching. The pattern is simple and the dress can be made using a simple domestic sewing machine.

Mary Quant A-line dress

I started making this dress in April, but then I got very busy with making cotton face coverings and I had to abandon my project for a little while. Now the face mask orders have eased a little bit, I am trying to finish all of my sewing UFOs (Un-Finished Objects).

Mary Quant A-line dress

The dress is suitable for summer, but I believe that it would make a great autumn/winter dress too, once made of a suitable heavier fabric. I chose a printed craft cotton and, as you can see, this A-line cut is perfect for big prints as there are practically no seams (apart from two little darts) to interrupt the pattern.

And here is a close up of the heart-shaped bag I made last winter but never got around to taking any photos of it. The bag is made of Washpapa 'Laquered' in dark red. It happened to perfectly match my Mel jelly shoes ;)

Heart-shaped bag Washpapa

Photos were taken in a Cumbernauld Glen as we took a nice walk on Saturday afternoon. 

See you next time!


  1. These are indeed the best “wearable works of art” that bring the best out of the artist as well as the person wearing it. My Painting and Handicrafts blog works also needs inputs like these so that it can be enjoyed by everyone. Thank you for the guidance on the collar stitch, it looks like a nice trick.


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