Deeply immersed... in reading

"And what if a bag was one of its kind? And what if you could read it ... On the beach, on a walk in a park ... Read straight from the bag. And while reading it, you can create your own stories. Because when the text is partially covered with beautiful designs, this inspiration comes involuntarily. And what if the size of the bag decides how long you can read it? I wish you a pleasant reading of your dream bags! " - Justyna Anna Smółka

This bag is made of Washpapa printed with J. A. Smolka's art work 'Library'.
The print features watercolour art and the story written by an artist.
For the flap I chose green Washpapa with a distressed wax finish.

The bag is lined with the red waterproof lining and has one internal pocket.

Unfortunately I didn't have a chance to take a photo of the bag being worn by a person but this is a cross-body bag in a shape of the oversized bum bag.
The strap is attached with the gate rings and big eyelets.

This bag was made as a gift but the similar one can be made to order :)


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