La Regina della Vulva

I wanted to make a Valentine's Day headpiece and, of course, my first thought was that it had to be something red and heart-shaped. I started making it and even had a name "Queen of Hearts" - yes, so much novelty for valentines, haha.

But then I read an interesting article that appeared in my Facebook feeds, saying that girls/women are being taught to be ashamed of their bodies, and it wasn't about the body shape, skinny, fat, etc. It was about the way our body works: sweat, body hairs, vaginas and menstruation and all that sort of stuff we don't usually talk during the dinner with family.

The article claimed that women need to pretend that they are always fresh, do not sweat, do not have body hairs, other than those ones on their heads -  and, on top of that, women need to hide the fact that they have periods or other body fluids.

The author noticed also an important fact: that not knowing, not accepting, their bodies (and its fluids) not only results in a low self-esteem but can even result in a fear of being pregnant and giving birth. And that this lack of acceptance and knowledge of how their bodies work makes women even more vulnerable because they don't know how to cope with all the processes inside.

I am sure you have heard all/part of that. After all, we have all seen a blue liquid on tv adverts, pretending to be a menstrual blood. Yes, because menstrual blood is so not-lady-like and should be hidden or even erased.

So this article made me think about it again. It also reminded me a different piece of writing about "why vagina is a dirty word?" Exactly, why? It seems quite ridiculous that the most powerful organ in females' bodies is so belittled by different cultures and religions.

And these where my thoughts while I was all in that creative process and somehow my 'queen of hearts' turned into "Queen of Vagina" with a vulva-shaped jewel as a centre piece (it even has a clitoris and a drop of blood made of a glass beads!).

Be a queen of your vagina!

P.S. To create a heart-shaped piece I used a neoprene fabric scraps that left after cutting out jacket pieces. Until now, I didn't know that neoprene could be used in millinery, ha, the only limit is our imagination ;)

La Regina della Vulva


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