4 layers of tulle

For people who know me, it is no secret that my favourite clothing brand of recent months is Black Milk. I enjoy their designs a lot and I also became a member of the huge BM fans' community. I have never been such a big enthusiast of any clothing brand because I make clothes and very often I couldn't justify to myself spending money on a piece of cloth, or I just wanted to have the satisfaction from making my own stuff. 

This time, I have been inspired by a BM Prima Donna skirt to make my own version. It is not even a money issue here, but I would never forgive myself for buying something that I could easily make myself.

So my version of the skirt was made from 3m x 3m wedding tulle and has four layers of fabric attached to the wide, black elastic band. I have to admit that I enjoy a lot wearing that fluffy tulle and next time I might add one or two more layers for greater volume. Yes, a meringue skirt, haha.

I am planning to make a shorter, black one now. I bought only two meters of tulle this time, so I am not sure yet what length it will be.

Of course, I am rocking one of the Black Milk's bodysuits from my growing collection and my new necklace as well. Probably I will not have many occasions to wear the necklace as it is very decorative piece, so I had to take the opportunity to wear it for my mini photo shot.

If anyone is wondering what is that beautiful lake working as a background for me, it is Loch Lomond in Scotland. Actually, it is not far away from the place where I live at the moment.

Tocha's World, Tulle Skirt, Black Milk, Y.R.U., soutache

Tocha's World, Tulle Skirt, Black Milk, Y.R.U., soutache

Tocha's World, Tulle Skirt, Black Milk, Y.R.U., soutache

Here you can see a full length of the skirt:

Tocha's World, Tulle Skirt, Black Milk, Y.R.U., soutache

And a small bonus for landscape lovers:

Scotland, Tocha's World


  1. Wow, this is really good outfit, and you look superb in it. What caught my eyes is the necklace you are having. Thank you for sharing your moment with us


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