A little bit of tartan does you good

This is what happens when one buys glass cabochons and looks for things that could be trapped underneath so they can be used for making jewellery ;) And, of course, what did I choose? Tartan fabric is the answer! Of course it is a polyester, vegan-friendly tartan. No sheeps' hair or anything like that.
So I decided to pamper myself with a new set of jewellery: brooch and matching earrings. What do you think about it? Brooch is quite big and heavy, but I tried it once on a top and it wasn't bad at all.  I worried that it would pull too much.
I like the earrings, especially this see-trough circle. I think I should repeat this design in a different colour version.

'Little bit of Tartan' soutache brooch and matching earrings.

soutache, brooch, tartan

soutache, brooch, tartan

soutache, brooch, tartan

soutache, brooch, tartan, earrings, jewellery

soutache, earrings, clips, tartan

soutache, earrings, tartan


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