Friday afternoon in Glasgow

Last Friday after my college classes, I didn't go back home straight away. I had a plan to go the Fabric Bazaar, but when I was walking along Argyle Street, I started visiting shops and then was too late and never made it to the fabric shop that day ;) After the time that I spent at TK Maxx, I decided that there was no point rushing home for a dinner if I can eat something vegan in one of the cafes. I chose Stereo because it was the nearest to my bus stop.

So I have to say that I stuffed myself really badly that evening. I was planning to take a salad, but haggis pizza looked so tempting. As a starter. I had a carrot soup. Well, it was just an ordinary soup really but bread was amazing.

Vegan, Stereo, Glasgow, Scotland
Carrot soup

Vegan Haggis Pizza was so delicious. And I like the idea of two types of salads. I would like to get more salads like that in vegan places, not only some greens on the side of my plate.

Vegan, Stereo, Glasgow, Scotland
Vegan Haggis Pizza

Some of you may wonder if I hunted down some bargain during my trip along Argyle Street. Well, yes, of course. Sometimes I am lucky enough to find something without leather & wool ;)
These will probably be one of my most crazy, 'ugli' shoes so far. But come on... no leather here, man made sole and upper fabric... and only £34 and it was my size (whoop, whoop). I couldn't leave them on the shelf. Irregular Choice has always been one of my favourite shoe brands, but recently I feel very disappointed about them. I've noticed that they deleted the vegetarian section from their website. It is a pity...

Red, block heel, Irregular choice,
Irregular Choice - Cupids Sun Hat (photo by 

I also bought a digital Speedo watch for my grandfather and an address book (only because there was a rabbit on the cover) ;)

Rabbit, stationery,
Address Book


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