Birthday Meal at Red Onion

Aaaand a post about food again! :D Yes, yes, it looks like recently I only live to eat, ha ha. This time, it was the Red Onion in Glasgow. We were invited by one of our fellow vegans, Christine, to celebrate her birthday. Yes, you are guessing right, Red Onion is not a vegan place, but apparently it does a vegan menu should it be requested. It just needs to know in advance.

So our menu looked like below. Hopefully you can read something (not the best pic).

vegan, Menu

Starters: Salad was definitely my favourite that evening. And I have never tried crispy noodles before... How could that have happened? They were lovely!

Red Onion Glasgow
Avocado salad with crispy noodles

Red Onion Glasgow

Mains: Penne with pesto is never disappointing :) I preferred that than risotto Clive had. I don't know why, but most risottos I have tried had a little bit bland flavour. I can eat it and it is OK, but I am not a big fan.

Red Onion Glasgow, vegan menu
Pesto Penne

Red Onion Glasgow, vegan menu
Pumpkin Risotto
 Deserts: Fruit salad with sorbet. Very summery stuff. I would definitely enjoy it more if it was a nice warm evening ;) But it was warm inside, true. Fruit crumble was warm for a change and it was a funny feeling to eat little bit of each desert alternately.

Red Onion Glasgow, vegan menu

Red Onion Glasgow, vegan menu
Fruit Crumble

 And something special! Strawberry Cake by Smashing Tarts. Lisa (the owner) was one of the guests and she made this vegan birthday cake for Christina. She was stressed that it was not the prettiest cake in the world as she was short on time that day, but you can believe me that it looked fine and was very tasty. Mmmm.... strawberries.... :D

Smashing Tarts, Glasgow, vegan
Strawberry cake by Smashing Tarts

So, after that delicious meal, we had a talk at home and Red Onion is now on our list of possible places to have a vegan wedding dinner ;)


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