It wasn't a very spontaneous trip because we thought about it for a few months, but when we actually bought tickets and booked a hotel just the week before, it was quite surprising for me ;)
Probably everybody knows what kind of a place Amsterdam is. For some people, it is naughty, for others it is liberated, but without doubt it is very arty. Well, you'll find there what you are looking for ;)

Among the other things, we were looking for a place where we could eat a decent dinner (not a falafel wrap from a veggie fast-food chain). And we found a place that was listed on the Happy Cow website.

Terra Zen Centre, Caribbean & Japanese Vegan Food in Amsterdam

TerraZen, Amsterdam vegan

OK, so maybe it is not the most fancy place we have ever been, but you can feel quite comfortable there. It is a family-owned place run by a couple and they don't employ anyone else. That's why the same person takes your order and sometimes even makes your meals. It is a funny wee place and the owner is a bit quirky, he will for sure correct your poor pronunciation of  the exotic names of the meals ;)
The choice is very big, for me probably too big. But I don't complain. Apart from veggie burgers, there was a massive choice of different meals.

For a start, we ordered drinks. Hot drinks. Interesting combinations of soya milk and green tea or ginger. I will need to try it at home. I would imagine that the ginger version can be a good remedy for a cold.

TerraZen, Amsterdam vegan
Soya milk with ginger

TerraZen, Amsterdam vegan
Green tea with soya milk

TerraZen, Amsterdam vegan

I don't remember the exact names of our meals - and I've lost somehow photo of the menu that I am sure I took in the first place. The first meal was quite familiar because it reminded me of Polish pierogi (dumplings) and I am pretty sure that in the menu it was described as a panzotti. Very nice stuff.
I forgot to mention that, if you don't have much time to grab your meal, a better choice will be a falafel fast food chain as in this place nobody is in a hurry. If you are not starving you can enjoy the music (with a large dose of reggae as the male owner is Rastafarian), your partner's company (no wi-fi) and your drink and wait for the delicious food. And wait, and wait... Everything seems to be freshly prepared and, in my opinion, compared to the vegan stuff I ate before, flavours are very unusual.
I read some opinions about this place on the Happy Cow website and some of them weren't very good. Well, it depends what you expect. I got used to the situation that it is difficult to find a 100% vegan place, that I am not fussy. Ok, maybe this place itself is tiny and not very fancy, but hey, it is a family business. Some people complained that it was not very clean. Well, tables and chairs were clean for sure. And, comparing to the Tchai-ovna in Glasgow, that place was super-clean I would say ;)

TerraZen, Amsterdam vegan

TerraZen, Amsterdam vegan
Banana Cake

We decided to go back to the same place on Sunday. Since there was such a big choice of meals, we didn't have a feeling that we ate the same stuff two days in a row.

Our meal on Sunday:

TerraZen, Amsterdam vegan
Green Smoothie

TerraZen, Amsterdam vegan

TerraZen, Amsterdam vegan
Ital Vital

TerraZen, Amsterdam vegan
Sushi with crispy tempeh

TerraZen, Amsterdam vegan
Survival cake with cashew cream

TerraZen, Amsterdam vegan
Chocolate cake

Assuming I will visit Amsterdam again, I will go to this place to have nice meal in a quiet atmosphere again. Compared to the falafel fast food places, it is like an oases. Nobody is waiting behind your back to grab a seat, no queues... I can compare because in the late afternoon we had some chips at a veggie falafel place and it was madness. So, yes, I would like to go back to that place in a couple of years and find it not closed down, as happens very often to veggie-friendly restaurants...

But, to not finish this post in a sad way, I am attaching my photo with the huge clog :D

And Crazy Bunny Lady in Amsterdam:

Amsterdam, street art
Crazy Bunny lady in Amsterdam

Now you can keep an eye on my blog because I am back to posting my crafty stuff again ;) I still have some old photos to show you and hopefully some new stuff coming soon. I am now more focused on my graded unit at college. That's why it is not very busy here. But I'll change that soon :D

As a crafty accent of the trip: Me wearing clogs ;)

Amsterdam, clogs


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