Bunny Burns Supper Ceilidh & circle skirt

My last note was posted here a very long time ago. I started writing this post straight away after the Burns' Night (25.01.2014) and time just went so quickly that 'suddenly' we had to start getting ready for our holiday in Barcelona.
After so many weeks of delay, here is (written by my boyfriend) a short note about the event organized by Rabbits Require Rights (Scotland):

'Heard the one about the Muslim, the Jew, the Druid, the Christian and the atheists? Not to mention the Scotsman, Englishman, Libyan, Iraqi, Poles, Aussie and Dane?
Such is the wonderfully eclectic mix that gathered for a great cause last night at the Bunny Burns Supper Ceilidh in Edinburgh in aid of Rabbits Require Rights and Buddies Bunny Rescue.
Indeed, the entertainment was an even odder combination. No piping in or address to the haggis (vegan of course), no immortal memory or toast to the lassies. At least there was a piper before some less traditional Tartan Heather (of the Mohicaned folk "singer" variety) and, in stark contrast but equally awkward, formality of the ceilidh band.
Above all, however, it was great to spend some quality time with lovely friends both old and new - even if we did not win the bunny ears competition!'

Vegan haggis
Vegan haggis

I am not very good sy writing, so I decided to use my boyfriend's note, which he posted on Facebook. The food was delicious, so delicious that I ate my dessert before I thought about taking a photo of it. Ooops! Soup is missing too ;)

And, of course, our hand-made tartan bunny ears:

bunny ears, tartan, quirky vegans

Now time for some 'serious fashion' here ;) A very simple but really effective semi-circular skirt made of matt PVC fabric. You don't need any patterns to make it and this is probably the biggest fun! I think that there will be more of those skirts in my wardrobe soon :D The skirt has a seam and invisible zip on the left side. You can hardly notice it. I think it looks great with a Black Milk swimsuit. So I am looking forward to better weather...

Semi circle skirt, PVC, vegan, Tocha's World, Black Milk
PVC semi-circular skirt

Semi circle skirt, PVC, vegan, Tocha's World, Black Milk
PVC semi-circular skirt

See you soon!


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