Forest food, Royal Dick, Sarah's wish and unethical fare...

Two-week break... Where to start... Where to start... Well, maybe I'll start from something to eat because recently I feel always hungry ;)
Anyway...  After we left Josephine in a hospital near Edinburgh (I will tell you about it in a minute), we decided to drive home through the city and spotted a veggie cafe. Forest Cafe is anything but a posh place ;-) Not everything is vegan but when we asked about burrito, we were told that a vegan option is available. I think it was quite good meal for £5, considering the prices in other veggie places in Edinburgh. Now I've noticed on the menu on their website that they encourage betting on horse racing = and it is probably not a joke. I don't like it but still think that it is a better place to have a meal than Fish&Chips or McDonald's...

vegan food, vegan burrito, Edinburgh, Scotland
Vegan Burrito - Forest Cafe Edinburgh
And now some sad news. Josephine (one of my bunnies) developed an abscess on her lower jaw and now, after surgery, we are trying to fight it with very strong antibiotic and painkillers. She seems to feel better and started eating quite well, but we still don't know if and how we will get rid of it.
Our local vet referred us to the Hospital for Small Animals at The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies and she had an x-ray and stayed there for a couple of days to have her medicines set. I can only tell that she is more calm when she has an injection than when I try to give her oral medicines. So that would be Josephine...

Josephine's abscess
To keep me even more busy with 'rabbit care', Robbie was hiding really bad sores on his feet (underneath the thick fur). So now the fur is trimmed and he has neat dressings looking like white socks. I'll try to take a photo when he will have a nap ;)

Despite some perturbations with rabbits and a lot of homework before the end of the unit at college, I managed to make those wee earrings for my class-mate. I love colours of the Pega soutache and twin beads by Preciosa Ornela. Pearls used for this project are synthetic so now worries, jewellery is vegan friendly. Crystals in the middle are made of Czech glass. I think they look stunning in real life. I probably mentioned that I am not a very good photographer, but now, when the weather is dark even in the morning, it definitely doesn't help.

Sarah's Wish Soutache Earrings

soutache earrings, soutache jewellery, beaded earrings, Tocha's World

soutache earrings, soutache jewellery, beaded earrings, Tocha's World

It's not the end ;) After two weeks, I have another thing to share. Last Sunday, we went to Edinburgh (yes, again!), mainly because of the Ethical Christmas Fair in Castle Street. What a disappointment! Leather, wool (Harris Tweed was on more than a couple of stalls) and even chicken curry... As far as I am concerned, none of those things are ethical. If it hadn't been for the stall from the excellent Missy's Vegan Cupcakes, it would have been a complete waste of time!
So here they are: Cute and delicious cupcakes.

Missy's Vegan Cupcakes, vegan cupcakes, vegan food, vegan tyreats


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