London is calling

Our weekend in London was quite spontaneous decision. Two weeks ago, we missed another chance for a proper 'summer' holiday and decided to grab a chance and go somewhere even for a few days.
It was the first time we had travelled to London by train together and I have to admit that it was far better experience than travelling by plane. All that hassle with checking-in, weight and dimensions of the suitcases, etc, was avoided. Once there, we didn't have to catch a train from the airport to actually get to London itself, only the underground to the apartment we had booked. Yes, a flat. Price-wise, it  was similar to a hotel room but was much more comfortable. We had a kitchen, living-room and a balcony. Although the view wasn't stunning, it was still quite nice.

On the first day (evening actually) we decided to grab something quick for a dinner and I was very pleased that there was a pizza place just next door. We were also very surprised that they provided vegan cheese :)


Basilico vegan pizza

We were so hungry that only the box was left to photograph ;) The 18-inch pizza disappeared very quickly, not only because we were starving but also because it was really delicious.

On Saturday, we had more time to decide where we wanted to go for dinner and our choice was vegan Japanese cuisine. Itadaki Zen is a small restaurant near King's Cross Station. When we arrived, it was still closed, so we went for a coffee to wait until 5.30pm. When we returned, we found that all the tables were reserved. However, because we were so early, they squeezed us in before the bookings arrived. Next time, we will have to remember to book in advance. 
In a nutshell (and out of it too!), the food was delicious and I was surprised that I loved sushi. I also got to try sake for the first time in my life and, to be honest, I didn't know that it is supposed to be served hot. After this experience, I am sure we will try to find vegan sushi in Glasgow.
Photos are poor quality but give you the idea ;)

Itadaki Zen, vegan Japanese cuisine, London
One starter set, two main meals, two desserts, jar of sake.

Another place that we visited was in Camden Town - one of the busiest places I've ever seen, especially during the weekend :) My Village Cafe was quite busy too but not as busy as inSpiral. We were welcomed with a sample of their soup and mocha, which was a nice touch. Unfortunately, not all food served there was vegan (it is a vegetarian cafe), but there were couple of options in the menu. I especially liked the wide range of fresh juices - my choice being carrot, orange and ginger.

My Village, vegetarian, London, Camden Town

And that would be everything about our 'culinary adventure' in London this time. Now I regret that I did not mention previously places that we have visited because some of them were really interesting. 

Of course, apart from weekends of leisure, I am also working hard <wink> Assessments, new projects, photos... I am constantly busy but, well, I enjoy it :D

Dançarinas Earrings

soutache, earrings, jewellery, jewelry, sutasz, Russian braid, beadwork, eco felt, collar, folk,

soutache, earrings, jewellery, jewelry, sutasz, Russian braid, beadwork, eco felt, collar, folk,

Mix of folk! Dançarinas earrings are inspired by the colours from the flag of Portugal and they perfectly match the Folk Collar I made previously inspired by Polish folklore. The earrings are made from glass vintage buttons that change colour depending on the angle, soutache and glass beads (Preciosa and Toho). 

More photos of my projects coming soon :)

P.S. Who remembers Chickens Brooches? They are worn by Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge volunteers.

Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge


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