Double homesick

My four-day trip to Poland is over. Usually, when people ask me about being homesick, I say that I am fine and don't miss my country a lot. For sure I don't miss offices, especially that I had to wait in a ridiculous queue to apply for a new ID. I miss my family, it is obvious, but can I really say that I miss my home? But which one? I was more than happy to see my parents and grandfather, but after a couple of days, I started missing my home in Renfrew. Vicious circle... And again, when I woke up after the journey home I felt so lonely without my mum that I thought I'll need to visit her more often than twice a year. 
My stay in Poland was short but quite intense. Happily, we found time to enjoy vegan meals at Green Way, what was very nice, as I didn't expect a very big choice of vegan food. There were also vegan cakes, but I was too stuffed with my main dish and smoothie that I didn't try any of them.

I am heading off to do my school stuff now, as I need to catch up with a couple of things after my holidays...

Folk Earrings & Collar

Some of you probably remember this collar. I like those bright colours and decided to make matching earrings :) It was my first time using flat Swarovski crystals. I think it is not bad :o)

And another Polish accent for today. This song was played a lot on the radio during my last visit. Maybe it is not my favorite music, but is still quite pleasant. Enjoy!


  1. Toszka, lovely earrings! They defenitely match with highlanders folk! :)

    Hugs, xxx


    1. Yes, recently I love everything in a folk style. Any folk really. I even asked my friend to bring me Matrioshka Dolls from Ukraine :)


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