Birthday surprise and other exciting things

First of all, my 'parcel mix-up' is sorted. It seems like our lovely Post Office kept all my parcels to give me a BIG surprise just before my birthday ;) I'm not complaining. I was really happy that no parcel was lost or stolen. 
Once I received my precious boxes containing even more precious supplies, I started making something what I will show you now:

Mysterious pieces of Swarovski crystals framed with soutache and glass bead (Preciosa superduo and Toho). They are two of about 400 elements, being made by about 200 artists, mainly from Poland (but not only), that will be used to decorate a corset Supernova. The Supernova is a huge project organized by Polish artists for The WOŚP Foundation. WOŚP (Wielka Orkiestra Swiątecznej Pomocy/ The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity) raises money for a nominated good cause every year.
In January, corset Supernova will be put up for auction to raise money for WOŚP. For me, it is really exciting to be a part of it. This is a great example of people doing beautiful things when they work together. I am looking forward to see the final effect. I will be posting photos here of the embroidered corset because I am sure it will be something really special. Of course, I should also mention that the crystals and soutache were sponsored by one of my favourite shops, Bukowiec.

Meanwhile, I would like to show you some of my new, much smaller than Suprenova, creations ;-)

Let it Bee

Stud earrings made from soutache and glass beads. Black and yellow, these wee bees don't sting, only catch the attention.

Underwater Love

These earrings were made for my friend Michalina. I am looking forward to seeing a photo of her wearing those ones. When I made them, I thought that they look like mermaid's earrings and they reminded me of one of my favourite songs:


I heard this song for the first time many years ago in a Levis Jeans  commercial and found it on You Tube about 10 years later. I must like mermaids and this song if I remembered it for so many years :)


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