Autumn nostalgia

Some of us probably know this feeling that comes to us very often straight away after summer holidays (when we have to go back to work/school) but usually in September/October, when the weather changes, the sun is covered with a thick layer of clouds for the most of the days and it is getting colder and colder...  Of course, I can enjoy beautiful colours of autumn and you can see below that they are very inspiring, but I wouldn't mind if the sun was shining more often and was a little bit warmer :) Sunny days are more energetic and put me in a good mood, whereas during typical autumn weather my mood needs to be supported by variety of mood enhancers. My favourite is looking at and creating pretty things.

Earrings ideal for golden autumn:

Ora Rozo

Small earrings made of glass, vintage, rose-shaped buttons framed with soutache and high-quality glass beads.


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