Lost parcel, awaiting parcels...

The whole of the last week has been about 'parcel-rage'. In a nutshell, the Post Office lost a parcel with jewellery supplies that I ordered from Bukowiec. When we phoned last time to ask where the parcel might be and why it had taken so long to transport it from Gatwick to Renfrew (about two weeks), the guy from the call center didn't give us any hope of finding it again and said that parcel was lost. Of course, the shop owner will complain to the Post Office in Poland in the hope of being compensated while sending me the ordered items again. Sounds good, but it is not the end. I am still waiting for another parcel from the same shop, with stuff that I ordered later (including supplies for a charity project - I will write about it in the next post). Yesterday, the postman left a card for me, so hopefully it will be THIS parcel. It's not obvious because I am waiting for one more parcel from UK... Moreover, my Vegan Swap Package pair still didn't confirm that she received goodies from me (I received mine few days ago) and that doesn't sound very promising either... 

Not to be moaning too much, I have also some good news: My first Vegan Swap Package arrived from Argentine! I didn't try everything yet, but the biscuits and pate were delicious :)

Yesterday, I had a stall at The Makers Market in Glasgow.
Colourful wee pics ;)

And, of course, some pics of my new creations:

Red Eye Earrings

Different colour version of Silver Eye Earrings. Small but effective stud earrings made of red and black soutache and glass beads.

Spring Flake Earrings

Earrings made of green, beautiful vintage Czech glass button, soutache and glass beads. Perfect for a sunny day like today.

I am off to the cinema. Some well-deserved relaxation before a very busy week :)


  1. Lovely Czech Glass buttons :)
    I also bought few from Bukowiec :D


  2. Those green ones are from ebay (I think I found another addiction - glass buttons), but I ordered ones with a peacock from Bukowiec and hopefully they are waiting for me in the Post Office :D I'll see on Tuesday!

  3. Your earrings are so detailed and pretty! Love them!


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