For my Friends...

Today I have a day off. It is nice that college scheduled all classes into three full days and, in addition to the weekend, I have two more days off. Obviously it doesn't mean that I will have four days of leisure every week all year around. After the first day of the proper HNC course, I know that passing all assessments will involve a lot of work outside the college, or at least self-studying in a library. Wish me luck ;)
In a meantime, I am working on a hair decoration to pamper myself and preparing stuff for an upcoming craft fair.
Today I would like to show you couple of things that I made for my friends:
Some of you might remember Salt' n' Peppa Earrings that I made for my friend. Personally, I prefer to have sets of jewellery, such as necklace + ring, bracelet + necklace, etc... That's why I decided to make a matching Salt' n' Peppa Bangle. My friend already saw photos, but the bangle is still on its way to Poland so I am still waiting for a 'review' ;-)
I used the same two-tone soutache as I used to make earrings, but this time I framed agate stone with Toho beads. I think it looks more interesting than a stone on its own.

Usually more photos of a bracelet are in the Gallery on my website.

Salt' n' Peppa Bangle

Another soutache-piece is already in France with my friend Amy.

 Lilac Sun Earrings

Simple but decorative soutache stud earrings. The back of the earrings are made of ultrasuede, man-made material. As you can see Magatama Toho beads were in use again. I just love them. Small 'drops' that change simple projects into something more distinctive. Amy likes those earrings so much that she decided to buy a soutache starter kit. I am looking forward to see the results of her creative work.

A lot of blog posts contain a song at the end of the post so this time I will include one too :) Of course it will be the 'Friends' theme... Enjoy!


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