Some holiday plans and Azure Soutache Stud Earrings

Next month I will start another year in college. Full-time and part-time courses will fill my life. Happily, one of the courses is connected with my hobby, so I promised myself to have nothing else, only fun ;) 
Couple of weeks left though and we still haven't decided yet about our holiday destination. My thoughts were in Barcelona because I've always wanted to see beautiful buildings created by Gaudi. Unfortunately trip to this city would mean a lot of sightseeing and walking, that could be too big challenge for my father-in-low. So we agreed to find another beautiful place in Spain, more relaxing, and enjoy sandy beaches and the sea.
Here is an example of architecture art by Gaudi. I found this photo through Google.

Casa Batlló

Why I chose this particular one? Because curved lines and bold colour combination remind me of earrings that I made few weeks ago. These stud earrings are made of soutache, variety of glass beads and yellow coin-shaped stone as a central point. I love the the 'frilly' effect created by Lavender Magatamas TOHO beads. Back of the earrings if finished with Ultrasuede, which is man-made material. Different colours of braid and beads make these earrings very useful, they will match almost every summer outfit.

Azure Soutache Stud Earrings

Azure Soutache Stud Earrings

More photos of Azure Soutache Stud Earrings are in a Gallery on my website. Go and have a look :)


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