By the sea side

On Saturday we tried a different type of travelling - we went on a cruise along the River Clyde from Glasgow to Rothesay on the Isle of Bute.

Waverley is the last sea-going paddle steamer in the world, so it was not surprising that it was almost fully booked. A little bit crowdy, especially at the bar ;) Many people choose the Waverley as a place to celebrate a birthday. Well, there is everything you need to have a party there: drink, food, live music and even a dance floor!
But, of course, in my opinion, Waverley itself is the main attraction. Through the small round windows, you can observe the hard work of the paddle wheels on the both sides of the steamer. Not to mention beautiful views, especially after we passed by the industrial area of Glasgow.


Now some photos of something that I really liked - ropes. Yes, ropes are textile products and probably that's why they caught my attention ;)

Now some promised views... The weather was whimsical and we had a mixture of sun, clouds, wind and even rain.

And  now something that some of you would never have expected....

Palm trees on the Isle of Bute

Palm trees on the Isle of Bute

Thanks to the Gulf Stream, which carries palm tree seeds, we can enjoy the exotic plants on the west coast. Unfortunately, along with the seeds, the stream doesn't carry exotic weather, although it does ensure milder weather on the west coast. Happily this summer is very nice and we can't complain.

Staying in the nautical mood, I would like to show you a pair of earrings that I made a while ago.

'By the sea side' Soutache earrings

Another summery piece of jewellery. I like the colour connection, especially the two-tone soutache and the fact that yellow/golden braid looks like mini ropes used on the ship ;)
More photos are in the Gallery on my website.


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