Not surprisingly surprise and more...

I am 'terrible' when it comes to making surprises. I love doing it but as soon as I know how I would like to surprise someone, I can't wait to actually do that and end up telling about or showing it earlier than I planned. This time was like that as well. I couldn't help it... I made a pair of earrings for my friend for her B-day and of course I showed her photos first instead of sending a wee parcel and waiting for her reaction when she would receive it. She saw them already so have a look at some photos too. This time I was a photographer ;)

Earrings made of semi-precious agate stones, round onyx beads, variety glass Toho beads and soutache. Hopefully my friend will like them :)

More photos of earrings in Gallery on my website.

Another pair was made to order.


Small stud earrings made of soutache and glass beads.


More photos of earrings you can find in Gallery on my website.


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