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Painting with scissors - Matisse

 Today I wanted to share a bag that I made a while ago after attending an online workshop - HENRI MATISSE: Painting with scissors organised by London Drawing Group .  I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who is looking for some inspiration for their own art & craft or just simply want to try something new and fun. During the class I learnt to make cut outs using the same technique as Henri Matisse was using to create his art work. Then I transferred the shapes I created onto Washpapa (material I use to make bags) and stitched them onto the bag. I think the effect is interesting and this is something that I would not come up with without taking part in the workshop. If you decide to take part in the workshop, you will find out how the process of making those cut outs is as important as the final effect. I created many shapes and decided to decorate both sides of the one bag. Some shapes that I made were too large and didn't make it to this design but I kept them all for t

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