You like beautiful things, you maybe want them to be cruelty free, you prefer them to stand out from the crowd, you like them to be fairly exclusive and hand-made too. Well, you are in the right place - because my mission is to make them for you.

Born in Łódź, Poland, I had a fairly deprived childhood. So, ever since I was able to afford them, I’ve always had a great appreciation of beautiful things.

And, ever since my mother taught me to sew as a child, I have enjoyed the creative process of making those beautiful things. 

It led me to learn garment construction/pattern cutting and dressmaking/tailoring at high school, to take a degree in textile design at the Technical University of Łódź and then an HND in fashion technology and manufacture with design at Glasgow Clyde College.

It ensured that I knew the importance of combining creativity and craftmanship with good quality control (indeed, my first job was ensuring quality in a jeans factory).

It also made me realise how many textiles and products lead to animal misery through materials like leather, wool, silk and fur. Or human misery through damage to the environment and directly to their workforce. 

So I am on a mission to find cruelty-free alternatives that hopefully are also less damaging to the environment - and people too.

I have sourced, from around the world, vegan-friendly felt, Washpapa (a washable and durable paper impregnated with latex designed to be a vegan alternative to leather), a waterproof polyester fabric, an eco-friendly cork replacement for leather, leatherettes, cottons and upholstery velours. 

Armed with these carefully chosen top-quality materials, I love nothing more than to create unique bags, jewellery, clothing, soft toys, ornaments and fashion accessories. You will probably notice that I love colour and plenty of it. 

A far cry from high-street mass production, most items are one-offs and all are hand-made in my little home workshop.

Have a look at my products. I hope you will agree that I am doing my bit to make the world a more beautiful, more colourful, more unique, more compassionate world.

Somebody recently described my creations as “wearable works of art” and I am happy with that.


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