New website and new stuff...

I won't be modest; I'm proud of this website. Finally I have a space for my gallery. I especially like the idea that all photos are in a one place and thanks to the categories, it's easy to find everything.

I've also been busy making new stuff for upcoming Craft Faires and to special order.

*Two Xmas sets:
This time I used tiny bells to add some christmassy atmosphere ;-)

* Four 'Scottie Dog' brooches:

More photos of brooches in the gallery on my brand new website ;-)

* Two Bunny Bags - #2 and #3 (one made to a special order):

Bunny Bag #2

Bunny Bag #3

More photos of Bunny Bags you can see in gallery.

So this week has been very busy so far... I am glad :-)


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