'Somebunny Loves You...' - More and more bunnies everywhere :-) (Short Story)

Plain black wedges shoes... Boooring!
Inspirations are everywhere (like rabbits). Hair clip can also be an inspiration ;) 

Bows, hearts and bunnies will be perfect to... ;-)

...decorate boring shoes! :D

Lovely bows... :-)

But... All shoes need 'their own' matching bag!!!

Tote Bag with brooch
I made this bag from jeans and felt patches. Jeans ones are from old jeans trousers. Felt ones are from eco-fi felt. Lining is made from cotton fabric. Those dots are just adorable :) I would forget about buttons. I used four buttons which I took while ago from an old cardigan. They look very nice with the red thread.

Where is bunny?
It is hiding here!


 And some group photos! ;-)

However I could not forget about a head ;-) Bunnies have to be everywhere... From top to toe!


The End :o)




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