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Rainbow Pompom Bag (version II)

A lot of you probably have seen a bag like this one before on these pages. But you'll also know that design is very often a trial and error process and, after finishing a project, we start to think of ways we could have done something differently. Very often, though, there is no opportunity or time to do that, to improve our ideas and designs. 

This time, I got the chance to fix some small flaws very quickly because one lovely person commissioned the Rainbow Pompom Bag a few weeks ago.  I didn't change a lot, so you will not see a big difference, but I found a much neater way for this kind of surface decoration project.

I made this bag a few weeks ago now, but it was only recently I managed to take photos before sending it to its new owner. The processing time was longer than normal because I wanted to make savings over the postage fee to Poland. Of course, I am all buzzing now to be able to send this beautiful bag. I know it will be admired, appreciated and loved.
 I enjoye…

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